Mood wall.

Here’s a little look at the mood wall I just made. I am looking at more ‘sophisticated’ and complex color pallets than I was last year. I have been drawn from the minimal, so called ‘Scandinavian’, look to a more classical style combined with more fabrics and more color. I’m also loving a lot of pattern and rugs. I wish I had an amazing rug in my living room.

I saw an stunning set of Danish 1950′s rosewood chairs yesterday with new cream upholstery in the original style. Would love to combine that with a dining table from a different period, maybe something contemporary. And a beautiful Asian style wallpaper or the Japanese room divider I saw in an antique shop last week. And some great art.

That’s what these mood boards / inspiration walls are for, dreaming…





Sometimes it doesn’t take much, here are some of the things that made me happy today:

A pretty leaf against the chalked on floor at the playground


This gorgeous rocking chair with my new Josef Frank cushion…


The vintage Tapiovaara  ’Mademoiselle’ chair that I found online


The card Stella and I made for my friends’ twins 1st birthday


And most of all, my little love and my big love


Happy weekend!

Thinking about summer.

We had brunch at the beach today. It was freezing cold but we got a lovely table by a blazing fire and had french toast with strawberries. I just can’t wait for the weather to get better so we can sit outside in the sun with our feet in the sand…. ahhhhh summer.

On the subject of summer, I ordered a new hammam beach towel today. I love these multifunctional cotton towels, especially the ones from Ottomania in Haarlem. I got my first one a few years ago as a Christmas present from my aunt. Since then I have been given more as presents (upon request!). The one I just bought is an XL version for the beach. They get used for everything; towel / blanket / changing mat for my daughter, pick nick blanket, sun shade over the buggy and as a warm wrap for cool evenings in summer.

Ottomania’s hammam towels are super versatile and great quality making them a perfect present. Also they don’t lose their color and they get softer and more absorbent over time. And they are super light weight (even when wet) and they dry fast so great for holidays and trips to the beach. Could I be more enthusiastic? No, not really. I just love them.

Added bonus, they make me feel all summery which is just what I need today!

Picture from Ottomania website.

Josef Frank.

A Swedish client introduced me to the designer Josef Frank recently. We used a Josef Frank wallpaper in her sun room and ever since then I have been meaning to check out the (online) shop. Last night I couldn’t sleep so I found myself at 3am finally checking out Svenskt Tenn, the store in Stockholm that sells his designs. I don’t know if it was just the midnight hour, but I fell in love with the designs and with his story. His vision and his going against the grain. His feeling that patterns are calming when so many people see them as ‘too busy’. What could be more calming than designs inspired by botany and nature?

The fabrics and wallpapers in particular are gorgeous and timeless but I also found a beautiful lamp that I hope to use for a client one day. I may also have bought myself a fabulous bag in my state of semi-sleep (retail therapy for insomnia).

This is the wallpaper we used in the sun room…

This is what it looks like in her house, it’s on both sides. Great ‘calming’ space or what?


This is my new bag :)

I may have also bought this cushion…

If you like what you see, here’s a little more inspiration from the website…

I have a feeling I will be coming back to this store.

Pictures from Svenskt Tenn website. Picture of the sunroom is by me.

Welcome Avenue Lifestyle!

Recently my super stylist friend Holly Marder revamped her blog Love, Thomas. Make way for the new Avenue Lifestyle! This blog is part of her ‘coming out’ as an interior stylist and journalist / editor. I am proud to say that I have been kicking her ass to do this for a while!

Follow Avenue Lifestyle for inspiration, craft projects, interior photography, home make overs and one of my favorites the ‘Wedding Files’ featuring beautiful images and styling ideas for spring weddings (or garden parties) as Holly prepares for her wedding next year.

We bought these random bits of fabric and buttons in a crazy fabric shop in Eindhoven last year, of course Holly has managed to turn them into a gorgeous little still life!

Good luck Holly and keep posting! xxx